Life drawing: Sara

17th July 2012

So, I finally got the scanner back which means I can now upload better quality images, instead of relying on just taking a picture.

Sara, pen and colour ink wash

Here we are then with a nice round of life drawing. For the last couple of sessions we’ve had Sara seated in a chair in a slightly twisted pose, which I’ve drawn from a couple of different positions. On the top right is my last drawing from this pose (not including the quick leg fun below). Decided to get the colours out for once. The hair went a little crazy, but I’m fairly happy with it. I’ve finally got back in the habit of just getting ink down instead of pissing about with a pencil sketch first.

In the second image you can see that at work—proportions have gone to the wind but I think there’s much more personality in the sketch as a result. Lost the plot with the head a bit though!

Sara, seated pen and ink wash

Third is from the same pose a week before. Took a bit more time on this one, so it’s steadier; but I still didn’t sketch anything out in pencil first—which accounts for the rather unflattering left thigh!

…and speaking of legs, I couldn’t resist drawing another after I finished the colour drawing at the top!