Cats, some of the process

23rd August 2014

Here’s a couple of images I took while drawing the cats. Could have been a bit more thorough and show more stages, but I forgot I was going to post a rundown of my typical process. Might do so properly in the future.

I usually start off with rough sketches to work everything out, playing with different styles, visual hooks and composition (composition didn’t really come into this though of course). When I think I’ve got what I’m after I’ll then do a quick practice run.

Trial picture of the cats including notes and corrections.

This gives me a chance to make sure everything is going according to plan and start trying out some colours. I’ll make a note of anything I want to do differently, maybe a couple more sketches and if there’s time maybe another trial.

I start the final picture by taping the paper to a drawing board. This should keep it flat and steady, but also gives the image a border around the edge of the paper. Then I’ll draw out a light pencil sketch which allows me to make corrections if needed, or, if I’m going for something more loose and chaotic, just go straight in with the pen and ink.

A little too light for a picture in lamp light.

I won’t go in to too much detail about the actual painting process because of the lack of pictures I took, but it’s basically building up layers of ink until I’m happy. Here’s the rest of the pictures I actually did take anyway.

Alfie mostly done with Barry still a brushed outline. Barry catching up. Creepy dead eyes. Mostly complete, just a few adjustments and finer details to add.

Like I said, I’ll probably do a proper process description in the future.