24 Pixels #1: A Pencil

1st December 2015

In a bid to keep flexing creative muscles, I’m going to pump out(!) a regular icon/vector thing. The only rule is they have to fit a 24 × 24 pixel box. Other than that they can be of anything and don’t have to have any practical use.

Episode one features a rather stubby but reliable pencil, sharpened to pixel perfection. Here in beautiful SVG format in it’s native 24 pixel size…

24 Pixels: Pencil

And here it is blown up because it’s SVG and it would be rude not to!

24 Pixels: Pencil

If you fancy using this, or indeed any of these icons then you have my blessing (although a mention on Twitter or something might be nice!), I’ll be adding them all to a Dropbox folder.

Download from Dropbox