The (near) future

17th October 2016

I’ve made a decision. I’m going to kill (move) this blog.


The plan is to shuffle everything around and create a better distinction between my online, what do you call them? Online properties? You know what I mean. Read on if you want to know the plan…

This site,, will be converted to just a portfolio, showing finished illustration and design work. I’ll probably go through the work and reconsider what stays and what goes. It might end up being a full purge and rewrite, because I apparently I like giving myself work to do!

I’ll still be archiving my Vintage Penguin collection on Tumblr. And I promise to get back to updating it—really, I have two large piles to scan and upload! It’s worth noting that I’ve changed the address to to free up the one I’m currently using because…

I’ll be using to replace what I’ve been blogging about here. So, illustration process posts, upcoming shows, works in progress, work that didn’t make the portfolio, things like that.

My Etsy shop will stay as it is, hopefully with more work coming soon when I get around to using my free time better!

Also, I’ll shortly be setting up a new Tumblr blog, yet to be named, which will focus on everything else that isn’t to do with my illustration/design work or old books. Basically, this will be much like the nonsense I spout on Twitter, so expect such exciting subjects as chilli sauces; being okay at Dark Souls; and Midsomer Murders.

It’s going to be wild (shite)!