About me

Hello, I’m Steve, a freelance illustrator and web designer.

I’ve been drawing ever since I was young, studying art at school and earning a degree in illustration. I mainly work in pen and ink but also enjoy block printing and digital work.

I also have an interest in design and many years ago started picking up HTML and CSS as I tinkered with websites. This led to a career in web design eight years ago when I joined Time Inc. UK (then called IPC Media) as a web designer. Over the years I developed my knowledge and skills learning both on the job and in my own time.

I eventually started to take on freelance work which allowed me to work closely with a greater variety of client and started to sell illustration work on Etsy. Last year I decided to leave full-time employment, set up a small business and work for myself. I now work from my home in Dulwich designing websites and drawing.

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