What I Do

I can build small to medium sized sites for individuals and companies. For sites that require a CMS I usually use WordPress along with a custom built theme.

I do not consider myself a web developer, focussing mainly on interface and interaction design. As such, I will not work on large, complex sites. If you are after something beyond my development skills but still want to work with me I will happily design your site and work with a developer, providing page designs and graphic assets as needed. I can even recommend some great devs!

My process is collaborative and iterative. I’ll work closely with you to ensure we deliver something that suits you and your needs, with regular design cycles to make sure the project is on the right track.

If you want to work with me, or would like to know more get in touch!

My skills

Adobe Photoshop
I have years of Photoshop experience both for personal and professional use and use it almost daily! I’ve used it for everything including photo retouching; digital illustration; icon and interface design and web page design. Photoshop is like an old friend (we don’t always get on!).
Adobe Illustrator
I’ve been using Illustrator almost as long as I have Photoshop. Some of the main things I use it for include icon design; vector illustration; logo design and SVG file production.
Adobe InDesign
I had never really used InDesign much until I received a few graphic assets as InDesign files. This introduced me to the program and I started to discover how useful it was. I have used InDesign mainly to produce layouts for printed materials.
I’ve been working with HTML for years and make sure I stay up to date with the latest developments. I use HTML as part of my design process to put together prototypes and test web designs.
As a web designer I see CSS as an important part of my repertoire. It’s imperative that I understand the capabilities and limitations of the web to inform the design process. I have used CSS to style websites and build design concept proofs. I try to use up to date code where support allows. I also use Sass to organise my CSS and streamline my workflow.
WordPress is my CMS of choice, and I’ve been using it since I first turned my static site into a blog back in 2010. Since then I’ve learnt to together custom themes, add custom content types and build custom widgets and plugins. This site itself uses WordPress with a theme and a couple of widgets I built myself.
Whilst not a “Photoshop killer” for me, I have used Sketch a few times in the past and found it easy to use and quick to get good results.