Illustrated letters

I started drawing some illustrated letters which could go nicely in a child’s room.

The idea is that buyers on Esty can request letter and animal combinations so people can have a favourite animal or spell out a name or something.

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j is for jaguar illustrated letter
“J is for Jaguar”
l is for lion illustrated letter
“L is for Lion”
L is for Little Blue Penguin, childrens art
“L is for Little Blue Penguin”, private commission.
F is for Fantail, childrens art
“F is for Fantail”, private commission.
T is for Toucan, childrens art
“T is for Toucan”, drawn for exhibition.
O is for Owl, childrens art
“O is for Owl”, drawn for exhibition.
R is for Rabbit, childrens art
“R if for Rabbit”.
L is for Lion, childrens art
“L is for lion”.
E is for Elephant, childrens art
“E is for Elephant”.
S is for Squirrel, childrens art
“S is for Squirrel”, private commission.
W is for Walrus, childrens art, framed
“W is for Walrus”, drawn for an exhibition and shown as framed.