Project Keystone

This was a project at work to migrate many of the websites on to a versatile and responsive template system using WordPress. I worked closely with the project manager to scope out the design considerations and produced the initial wireframes and conceptual designs.

What we ended up with was a template with enough customisation to accommodate a wide variety of sites without them all looking too similar. It also allowed the editorial teams to configure what content was displayed and how it was set out on the page.

When the project was completed I then had to produce example designs for each site, selecting typefaces and colour palettes to reflect that brand. I then had to produce a style guide so that it could then be set up by one of our developers. The controls were then handed over to the editorial teams so they could configure the site as they saw fit (with varying results!).

Here’s an example of how some adjustments to the configuration and palette can spew out two different sites.

Cycling Weekly web design What Digital Camera web design Yachting World web design

When all the sites are migrated I’ll be reviewing the design, making some necessary adjustments and improvements along with functionality updates added by my colleagues.