Tarallucci e Vino website

Tarallucci e Vino I was commissioned to design and build by Sicilian couple who were starting their own catering firm. They cook homely Italian food so they wanted a site that matched that traditional, rustic feel. They wanted a fairly quick turnaround but already had a logo designed so I had that to work from as a head start. The site they were after was fairly simple in scope consisting of several static pages with the main complication being a recipe that would be updated every other month or so. They also provided a load of photos with a clear idea as to which photo was to go where.

To implement this I built a custom WordPress theme to handle the site structure and style. Most of the pages are static, so are just regular pages. For the recipe page I used a blog post category with each new recipe being added as a new post. The recipe page itself pulls the latest recipe and displays it in full. This means that older recipes are kept and can be reposted if needed rather than just rewriting static page content.

Tarallucci E Vino home page
Home page: featuring a nice big splash image across the top.
Tarallucci E Vino who page
Who We Are page: this page features a brief summary of the company history and a bit about the couple.
Tarallucci E Vino What We Do page
What We Do page: this page outlines the various services the client offers.
Tarallucci E Vino Recipe page
Recipe page: the client wanted a page where they could share a recipe, which they would update every now and then. I used a blog category to hold the recipes with this page showing only the latest which meant new recipes could be added without just overwriting the old ones.