Trusted Reviews redesign

Designs from a project to redesign the Trusted Reviews website, including a refreshed mobile version.

The design has evolved slightly since these designs were produced, but this was an important first stage in an ongoing project to improve the site as a whole.

Here you can see examples of both desktop and mobile versions of the home page, an article and a review. At this point, Trusted Reviews is not going to be responsive as the budget doesn’t stretch to a full rebuild, and will feature a separate mobile design. I worked closely with the editorial team and the project manager to develop a mobile site that presents information to users as clearly as possible in the limited space. This involved stripping out a fair amount of content that cluttered the page and wasn’t completely necessary, placing elements that would be most useful to a user in the most prominent positions. This approach also helped with cleaning up the pages of the main site.

Home page

Trusted Reviews homepage design Trusted Reviews mobile homepage design


Trusted Reviews review page design Trusted Reviews review page mobile design


Trusted Reviews news page design Trusted Reviews news page mobile design