Trusted Reviews update

One of the last projects I was working on before leaving Time Inc. was a full redesign of the Trusted Reviews website. The separate desktop and mobile sites were to be replaced with a single responsive approach to bring the site into line with current trends and technology. For this I used a concept I had been working on previously as part of a rather than the adverts the content rather than the adverts.

I also made more of the author information, hoping to add to the friendliness of the site and make more of the experts TR employed. I added a max width to the main content body to try and maintain an optimal line length for readability and attempted to reduce the clutter around the content itself—the idea being that the related articles and ads would be better chosen for relevance rather than just chucking loads at the user and hoping something sticks.

Trusted Reviews games article
An news article in the gaming section

The editor wanted to use a different colour to identify the different category channels. I used attempted to use this sparingly but effectively.

Trusted Reviews games review
A video game review
Trusted Reviews mobile phone review
Mobile phone review

The editor also wanted channel hub pages that would group different content together and be unique to each other. The idea being that a user who only came to the site for video game reviews and news could just bookmark that hub page and be presented with content tailored for them. I made use of the channel colours and created a channel header section that would present different content for each channel. For example: the TVs and Audio section might only show a selection of reviews and round ups because there isn’t usually much news whereas because lots happens in the gaming industry that hub page header might focus on news and that latest couple of games.

Trusted Reviews camera hub page
An example hub page, this one for the digital camera section

I left Time Inc. before I could fully realise the responsive process, but content would crush down, with content in left and right columns encroaching on the content until readability is threatened, after which surplus information would be removed/reorganised/relocated as appropriate.

Trusted Reviews responsive mobile view
An example of how the site would collapse when viewed on a mobile phone.