Web Icons

Over the years I must have put together 100s of icons, from social network buttons of all shapes and sizes to user interface and app icons. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed as the pixel precision involved goes completely against the wonkiness and chaos of my pen and ink illustration work. There’s something kind of therapeutic about zooming right in and making sure everything is crisp and pixel hinted.

I’ve recently started to collate some of this work into a couple of icon sets which I’ve decided to place here to use for free. If you do fancy using them I’ve placed links at the bottom to a public Dropbox folder where I’ll keep everything arranged and updated. Download and use as you wish, and if you do feel like mentioning where you got them from I certainly won’t stop you! 😉

Unsquared: Social Network Icon Set


A simple frameless social media icon set. This is handy for placing on button elements on your website—especially useful if you want to use a background colour that changes. I use these on this site if you want to see what I mean.

Currently available in 24 and 48 pixel sizes in SVG and PNG format. Both sizes are pixel hinted for visibility and crispness while maintaining the details of the original branding.

Download from Dropbox

24 Pixels: Assorted Object Icons


These icons are the result of a small personal project I’m currently undergoing where I aim to create a regular 24×24 pixel icon of some arbitrarily picked item. Some of these will be useful, some less so!

Available in 24 pixel icons in SVG format.

Download from Dropbox